Create and Optimize LinkedIn Ads for 750 million professionals?

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Do you want to reach LinkedIn's 750 million Professionals in Over 200 Countries?. That Includes:

  • 40 million decision Makers
  • 61 million Senior-Level Executives
  • 10.7 million Leaders
  • India has 76 million users

LinkedIn Advertising is a powerful way to send your target audience a Text, Video or Message Ad to get them click into your sales funnel. The strength of LinkedIn advertising is the capability to target people by Job title, industry, company, company size, and members interest and traits.

Successful advertisers optimize. They ask "What can I do next to get better results?". They're always looking for "better". They create, test, and improve. .

Optimize LinkedIn Ads

Here's the process you'll repeat over and over to optimize ads and get better and better results. :

  • Target Audience. Who are you trying to reach? How to do you target them in Linkedin?
  • Choose creative images and ad copy that will get the message across to this target audience. How can you get them to take action? What images will grab their attention and increase results. Tip: Create 5-10 versions each of image, text, and headline so that you can find the best ideas and combinations.
  • Launch and schedule ads and wait for results
  • Get the results and run reports.
  • Analyse the data. Look key-metrics, whether it’s CTR (Click through rate; how much did this audience respond to these ads?) or Cost per Lead (have you made this affordable yet?) Which creative ad worked best? Compare the ads with the best and worst responses - why do you think they responded that way? What does this teach you? Can you think of more ideas that are more likely to get best responses. Go back to step 1 and repeat the process.

Let's see how you can create ads that attracts your audience easily

Choose AD Campaign Objective.

Your objective determines how you create your ad and how Linkedin optimizes it to ensure success.

  1. Brand Awareness - Impression based campaigns to maximize your brands awareness.
  2. Website Visits - Website visits take your customers to website destination where they can find more about your business.
  3. Engagement - Engagement generate clicks to your ads. They engage audience to take social actions like, share comment etc.
  4. Video views - Based on bid and cost per views it optimized your video views.
  5. Website Conversion - Website conversion optimizes actions on your website, such as downloading white paper, or filling out contact forms on your website.
  6. Lead Generation - Lead generation campaign use lead gen forms pre-filled with Linkedin member profile data

Choose Your Target Audience. You need to zero in on your ideal customer. Reaching your target audience is heart of your campaign. Not everyone is going to buy your products. Think about the ideal person who needs your product. They might be IT decision makers, C-Level executives, prospective students, small business owners or other professionals. You can run ads based on Company, Company size, job title, seniority, industry and more. Use this data to create targeted ads.

Choose Right Ad Format

  1. Single Image Ad allow you to promote your message directly in the LinkedIn feed.
  2. Carousel Ad allow you to tell story with a swipe able series of cards.
  3. Video Ad allow you to engage your audience with interactive video.
  4. Event Ad allow you
  5. to promote events from your page to a defined audience.
  6. Text Ad Text ads consists of a headline, brief text and an optional image.
  7. Dynamic Ad allow you to acquire followers, showcase your product and appear on the right rail of desktop pages.
  8. Message Ad are direct personalized ads delivered through LinkedIn messenger with a single call-to-action.
  9. Conversation Ad allow you to create a choose-your-own path experience for your audience. This format allows you to include multiple call-to-action buttons.

Best Practices

  1. Relevance: Know Your Audience Call your audience directly in the copy or highlight a common pain point. For example, "CFOs: Do you need….?"
  2. Clear Call to Action "Sign up for the webinar" or Try a demo" work better than a generic "Click Here".
  3. Eye-Catching Images Use high resolution images. Content with larger visuals get up to 38% higher CTR.
  4. A/B Testing Run A/B testing to optimize your content performance.
  5. Showcase your Value Show your brand's voice in the creative copy content you are posting to augment a human connection.

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