What is About us Page?

About us Page

A website gives a lot of important information about your company, your products or services, how to buy, and who they work with. But visitors don’t want to do business with an unspecified website; they want to know the person behind the site. The about us page serves to reassure potential customers that you have genuine credentials and qualified to offer your product or services. Client visiting your website should see you as an authority, trustworthy and expert in the field. Customers want to know who are the real people behind the business. They look for indications that the person is legitimate and skilled.

Every company has a story to tell about their business. The about us page tells your customers about your company, its history and its people. It can be elaborate - Who founded the company, Why he founded the company and the bios of his team who work for him, and company's mission statement.

Why about us page is important

About us page is the second most visited page on your website after your homepage. Often, it’s the make-or-break part of your site that keeps people with you or leads them to click away. It gets more clicks than your products or services page. It is an excellent way to make your business more personable and approachable. Your about us page has immense potential to convert prospects to customers. It acts as a sales person. It gives your prospect a clear sense of who you are, why trust you, and what makes you are different from competitors. About us page can make the difference between someone choosing you or choosing one of your competitors. Why? Well, if it comes down to two sites offering the same services at the same price, some will naturally do business with a company whose people they know.

What to write in About us page

An about us page should include the following:

  1. Biography Section
    • A Business owners professional biography
    • Reasons for starting company. How he got into business of that particular field or industry
    • A description of you and your company
    • How big is company, pvt or public, Branches and future expansion plans
  2. Company History
    • Milestones followed from inception to present day operation
    • Significant events.
    • The number of years you've been in the business.
    • What challenges did you and your team face? And How did you company make a positive change?
  3. Company Philosophy (Beliefs, Principles)
    • What makes you company different from your competitors?
    • What problems do you want to solve for your customers? Mention any Case Studies
    • What is your current Philosophy. Company's Mission and Vision Statement.
  4. Company credentials - Adding this information gives customer a sense of security
    • Academic degrees, professional degrees, accreditation's, awards, recognitions and affiliations.
    • Include the benefits of doing business with company
    • Company patents, certifications and Registrations
  5. Additional Info
    • A photograph of owner and teams.
    • Bios of people who word for you.
    • Company reviews
    • Press clippings, Case studies, Testimonials and Clients.

These details are important for visitors to see because they give your anonymous, faceless website a personality, establishing you as a real person and your business as a real thing. A simple smiling photo of you can go a long way in helping potential customers feel comfortable doing business with you and trusting your website.

Keep in mind while writing about us Page

  • Write in third person keeping in mind the reader
  • Center on the problem solving of your business
  • Deliver your value proposition
  • Tell your story - who founded, why you're passionate, what drives you, what you care about your business and customers.
  • Translate your skills or product capabilities into benefits

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