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Designing Websites to Increase Traffic and Conversions

Every Business organization nowadays has a website. You've got to have a website, because your target customers are searching online - when they want to find out about something and are thinking of spending money. Unfortunately, most websites are bad at designs, don't provide relevant information, doesn't influences or persuade readers to take desired action.

Designing Websites for Traffic

The way you structure your website is the important factor in attracting visitors. Following steps would provide you new approach to creating websites that's guaranteed to bring you more traffic.

Transform Your website's Success

How well is your website doing? How much traffic your website is generating? You've paid thousands to create a website but has it generated any business?

Here's the problem, most website owners don't realize how powerful their websites could be. The reason why most people don't know how to make their website perform better is because it's being built badly.

The website design is:-

  1. Bad at Attracting Traffic
  2. Bad at Conversions

Your website should have a purpose, a goal to achieve. You should view website design as the creation of a new solution to a problem. Your website goals define the problem you need to solve. So web design does not start with graphics, it starts with understanding the challenge. Who is my target customer? What do they want? How can I attract them? And how can I get them to do what you want them to do?

To achieve the goals, your website should do two things:

  1. It needs to get the right number of the right kind of people to visit it.
  2. It then needs to get as many of those people who visited the site to take desired action.

Business = Traffic X Conversions.

The key to transforming your website for success lies in having multiple landing pages, designed specifically for specific type of visitors meeting their own specific needs. Each landing page will have a different conversation and should be arranged in a logical structure, which will lead all types of inquirers to a selling proposition. And because people arrive at pages that match closely what they needs, they will be more engaged, will have a higher level of trust, and will feel more connected.

If you want advice on saving for your child's college education, are you going to be more interested in a page that says "Tax advisor" or one that says "Advice on saving for your child's college education"?

The more you publish landing pages, the more conversations you can have with more different types of people, which is the key to optimization.