Domain Names, Their Importance and Choosing a Great Domain Name

Domain Name System

Every business, even one operating on a small budget, should have some tools to get started on the Internet. Simple things, such as having a memorable name and personal e-mail addresses, will give your customers and suppliers a professional image of your business. Building and having a web presence is now a pre-requisite. People don't look up information in white or yellow pages or other traditional sources, instead they go to knows web sites or use Google.

Your Domain Name

Once you have internet access, it's time to think about how you would present your company on the internet. To do business on the Web, the first thing to consider is your domain name. Next, you need to set up your professional business e-mail account and your website to work with that domain.

What is a Domain Name

The domain name system (DNS) makes it easier for people to browse the internet without having to remember or write down IP address of your computer. IP address are unique address and they appear in forms such as They are like a telephone number for computers. The DNS takes a domain name (which people understand) (for example, and translates it into IP numbers (which computers understand) (such as to fetch that particular website. The domain you use is your address on the web. Domain names are used to deliver e-mail to the right address, and for other internet applications. Getting your domain name listed is called 'registering a domain name'.

Benefits of Having a Domain Name

For a small fee, you can get to register your domain name and have it connected to your website and e-mail.

  1. Your e-mail addresses and Web addresses look professional and distinctive. Moreover, owning your domain name gives you control of your email and your presence on the web.
  2. Rather than having a generic e-mail address (such as or generic website address like you and your employees' addresses have a clear connection with your business. For example, if you get the domain name, you can then set up whatever e-mail addresses you wish (such as or
  3. You can easily move, change your e-mail and web hosting company easily..
  4. Your domain name and e-mail address has to be more memorable.
  5. A domain name provides a permanent address that is easy to remember and doesn't change with physical locations and job changes.

Checking Availability of Domain Names.

You can quickly check whether a domain name is available using the following website. Click the link below to Check availability of Domain Name.

Choosing a Great Domain Name.

Your domain name must be memorable, and must not have been taken by someone else. Choosing a name for your website is no trivial matter - however, your decision can make or break your business.

  • Choose a Identifiable name - Get a domain name that is similar to your current brand, business name or trademark. How is your company known to your customers? That should be the key to choosing a domain name. OR, you can choose a new name that you think will get people to your website.
  • Associating with your business - If your business is Tavi Plumbing Supplies, concentrate on getting a domain name such as or, rather than something like which your customers will have difficulty in associating with your business.
  • Make is short, catchy, and memorable - Shorter domain names are easier to remember and are less likely to be misspelled. The domain name is part of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and is used by search engines, so pick a domain name that will be easy for Web searches to find. Look for a domain name that is short and easy to say.
  • Avoid hyphens, prefixes, suffixes and numerals if you can - Although hyphens and numerals are permitted, but would be difficult for your customers to remember. Likewise, numerals are allowed and are used to replace words. For example, the domain name '' is a shortened version for 'furniture for you'.
  • Use a top-level domain if you can - Domain name are arranged into various levels (.com,, .in, .org, etc.). Use a top-level domain (TLD) that your customers are likely to recognize and remember.
  • Brainstorm - Talk to your friends, family, and relatives to get their views and see what alternative names come to mind.
  • Be Proud, get homegrown domain - Get a domain name with the appropriate ending for your country such as .in, or

Registering and hosting your Domain Name.

Register your domain name directly with hosting or ISP company. The hosting or ISP company will also provide e-mail and other web services for that domain. Websites are getting launched daily, and if you wait, you many lose the domain name you want. So hurry up click the link below for other services Register and Check Free Services

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