Digital Business Card

After exchange of business cards, Prospect promises to get back to you

  1. Do you think he'll save your contact information from the traditional business card you give.
  2. Do they remember your email address to contact you for the service
  3. Are you losing sales just because they forgot to visit your website
  4. Will it be easy for them to locate your store office without asking for help
  5. On one go will they be able to follow your brand on any of your social media platforms.
  6. Can they WhatsApp you without saving your number
  7. Can your customer pay you on one click
  8. Do they know about all of your product services being offered by you or you deal in
  9. Do they have knowledge about you, your team, your expertise

On the agreed date and time you followed up with the prospect and were hundred percent confident of converting that prospect into a customer. But, "We lost your business card", "We Forgot to save your number", Oh Sorry! hear true apologies from the prospect and you lost the customer.

Attention Business Owners, are you going to let potential prospect go away with these barriers which affects your business

In this digital world, printing paper business card is waste and they end up lying in dustbin (approx 88% of paper business cards are thrown, tear-off, or lost)

So How do you stand out, create a professional image and provide all marketing message (contact information, office location, social media links, and more important a short description of product services your deal in) on one peice.

Moving from Traditional to Digital

Buyers make most decisions by relying on their 2-second first impression based on stored memories, images and feelings. Make a Memorable, Unforgettable and Long Lasting Impression of Your Business

Business Cards are one of the factors to make or break a deal. Business card provides a glimpse of your business.

First Impressions Count! Lasting Impressions Sell!

A digital business card is a sales piece, a sort of mini advt for you and everything you stand for" Start introductions with the best first impression of your business by creating a business card that is unforgettable. .

Step into the Future with an Informative Interactive Digital Business Card

Never print business cards on paper again, preserve natural resources, help environment and elminate the spread of virus

Inspire your clients digitally. Grow your business with PDF Digital Business / Visiting Cards. No matter if you're an Service Provider, Salesman, Network Marketer, Real Estate Agent, Small Business Ownter, IT Service Provider, Entrepreneur, a Startup etc... Digital Business Cards can help you connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Equip your staff with Interactive, Contactless, Clickable, Actionable, PDF Digital Business cards, which they can exchange their contact and business information in a touch-free way.

The Interactive PDF Digital Business Card:-

  1. Integrates all communication channels in one place
  2. No Software or Domain or Hosting Server required
  3. All Contacts, Social Media Links, even your brief introduction of your Product Services and About us (New way to showcase your product services in a PDF Format) all in one PDF Document
  4. It being a PDF document its works on smartphones, tables, and computers with no app required (Adobe Reader to Read the PDF Document) and can be shared through email, WhatsApp, text, QR Codes etc
  5. Always Present.The essence of a digital business card is limitless. You can never run out of your business cards, and you don't even have to make the extra effort to remember to carry them. Only take your smartphone with you.
  6. It never tears and never runs out
  7. Get More Social Shares. With social media links intergrated in digital business card, your customers can follow you on social media and learn more about you and your activities.
  8. Prospects will be so impressed that you care about their health and will want to do more business with you.

Digital Business Card Template

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